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Listen Up! with Natalie Jill

Jun 21, 2021

Over 52 million women deal with an embarrassing issue: PEE leaks… when we sneeze, when we laugh, when we exercise and when we have sex.

There is no shame in this because it is SO COMMON. But we aren’t talking about the FIX for this enough! You do not always need to turn to medications, surgery or KEGELS.

Today on listen up I interview Pelvic Floor Experts Jenn and Christina on what causes this, how to prevent and reverse it and why they are “anti Kegel”

Check out Jenn and Christina's services HERE!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What you can do other than Kegels to help with this issue
  • Where the idea came from
  • Why so many women suffer from this.